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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Making the ginger Bug to start off with:

Take a glass jar (about 1l capaciteit) that can be kept in the kitchen. De ginger bug needs the organisms of your kitchen to feed itself, along with what you have to feed it with.

Put in the jar:

- 2 cups ( 500 ml ) filtered water

- 2 tablsp. (22g) finely chopped or BIO grated ginger with the skin on

- 2 tablsp. (28g) fine sugar

- Stir well !

It is imported to use bio ginger. I have tried it about 5 times with other ginger and I could not build up the fizzes that mean your bug is fermenting. I did not know why... until I stumbled on a message that talked about the bio ginger... I switch again to bio and everything develops fine again!

Close of the jar with some cheesecloth or very fine cloth so your bug can still breathe. This will become your mother Bug, take care of here!

Daily feed (every 24 hours):

- 2 tablsp. finely chopped or grated bio ginger

- 2 tablsp. fine sugar

- Stir well !

- You do this till you get nice fizzes, about 3 or 4 days.

If this is your first ginger bug creation, it can take up to 2 weeks or more to get the fizzes.

As you always keep working with the same mother ginger bug, it will onlt take 3 or 4 days.

To make the beer:

Cook for about 10 à 15 min

- 2 ½ L of filtered water

- 4 tablsp. of grated ginger

– 1O tablespoons of sucker

(But I take, 4 sucker, 4 coconut blossom sucker and add at the end when it is cooled down, maple syrup.)

- Sometimes i put 2 sliced curcuma roots in this to... It's so much healthier, but it clearly affects the taste.

It tastes better without to me.

Let this cool down to room temperature.

- Then add 4 tablsp. Maple syrup

- 160 ml of your filtered ginger broth. That is about 10 à 11 tabl.sp

- You can also add 2 lemons if you like.

Bottling the brew:

I wash my bottles with very hot water and a brush and then sterilise them in the pre-heated over of

160 degree for about 15 min. The lid and rubbers I sterilise for a few minutes in cooking water.

I let everything cool down on a clean kitchen towel.

But you have to use the bottles within one hour, or ells you have to sterilise them again.

The ginger brew goes into flip bottles as you see on the photo.

- Fill the bottle about 10 cm from the top, so the gas has room enough to build up.

- You keep the bottles for about 3 till 5 day in your kitchen where they will ferment a second time.

- You have to air the bottles twice a day to let out the fizz.

- First day there will not be much fizz if any, but it will build up fast.

- After 3 till 5 day put the bottles in de refrigerator and you don’t have to air them anymore.

- They keep for about 1 month but have to stay in the refrigerator.

I could setup a list to order the flip bottles together and if possible get a better price.

I also could share a little of my mother bug if you would like to try it.

Hoop you enjoy this wonderful and healthy drink! Your gut will any way!

Xxx Debby

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