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Sjankara specializes
in the import and distribution of 100% natural essential oils, carrier oils, natural neutral basic products (creams,
bath oils, shampoo ...), aroma sprays. Sjankara produces a wide range of synergies, massage oils, cosmeceutics,
phyto-aromatic products ... In Belgium Sjankara also distributes incense Auroville, incense Morning Star, ...
Own responsibility:
* Following up the information on my website is always on your own responsibility. If you are unsure about   
   treatments, nutritional supplements, essential oils, diet or lifestyle tips,  always consult your doctor first !
The Sjankara Philosophy
Sjankara works from a holistic philosophy: an unbreakable connection between respect for our products, the people who produce and work with them and nature. We try to earn our customers, not through a large advertising budget, but through word of mouth, and by providing solid information and excellent products.

Respect for people
Fair trade is important to Sjankara. We like to sell, but not at all costs. When we sell something, we want everyone in the chain, from the farmer or the picker, the distiller ... to the consumer, to be satisfied because they have done a good job. Unfortunately, the production of essential oils is often associated with human exploitation. Most of our products are made in third world countries. We cannot be everywhere and check everything, but we require our suppliers to sign a "fair trade agreement": our producers are committed to rigorously ensuring that the country's social laws are respected in the production of our raw materials and that, unfortunately not uncommon in our industry, no child labor is performed.

Respect for our customers
(retail, therapists, institutions ...).
For us, this striving for optimal service means fast delivery. Unfortunately it is not possible to make mistakes. Where people work, mistakes are simply made. Correct information is quickly available (our fragrance line: 051/405163).
Respect for the consumer. The end user of our essential oils is equally important to us. One of our maxims is therefore: a fair product for a fair price.

Respect for nature
Where possible Sjankara opts for essential oils from organic cultivation (provided the quality is good and the oils are affordable) or from wild picking (provided the habitat is respected). We cannot allow overcropping. This is also part of the "fair trade agreement".
As much as possible is purchased directly from the distillers themselves.
Respect for the product
People and nature have invested a lot of energy in our product. Out of respect for this, we demand the highest quality guarantees from our producers:
• 100% natural, without any additives of any kind
• From the botanical species specified by us
• Guarantee of the chemotype
• Each delivery must be accompanied by an analysis report (GC, HPLC, GC-MS ...)
Use of Oils
Using essential oils safely
"Everything is poison and nothing is poison, everything depends on the dosage" (Paracelsus)

The essential oils of Sjankara are safe substances, but bearing in mind Paracelsus, the rules of the art must be followed. It is possible to deviate from these rules, but before you do this, first consult an authorized (aromatherapy) therapist, pharmacist or doctor. If you use essential oils from other brands, contact their manufacturer first and ask for instructions on safe use. See also the section FAC in connection with children, pregnant women.

Aroma lamps are fun and attractive. However, do not expect the effect described in the literature: the high evaporation temperature changes the composition of the essential oils, and therefore also the result.
Preferred: cold spray or low temperature evaporation. In addition to an aroma lamp (classic / color), Sjankara can provide you with the following devices:
• AROMASTONE: low temperature ceramic evaporator (white and blue model)
• BREATHE EASY: ionizer combined with low temperature evaporator
• EASY DRIVER: for use in the car (connect to the plug of the cigarette lighter)

Max. Add 3% essential oil to a suitable carrier oil or the Sjankara neutral massage oil. When using rose, jasmine, orange blossom and real chamomile, a concentration of 0.5 to 1% is sufficient.
WARNING: Limit the essential oil concentration to 1% for thyme, oregano and cinnamon.

Never add undiluted to the bath water. Use a suitable carrier: almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, neutral bath and shower gel, or neutral water-soluble bath oil.
WARNING: DO NOT use cinnamon, mint, or citrus infused essential oils in the bath.
Beauty care
With our essential oils, mixed with our neutral basic products (day cream, night cream, moisturizing milk, peeling creams, cleansing milk, ...) you can create your own personalized care products.
Max. Add 3% essential oil to the base product.

How to calculate?
(1 ml essential oils = +/- 20 drops)
3% on 100 ml "carrier" = 3 ml, or 60 drops
Own responsibility:
* Following up the information on my website is always at your own responsibility. If you are unsure about   
   treatments, nutritional supplements, essential oils, diet or lifestyle tips,  always consult your doctor first!
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