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    Put in a cookingpan: - 150 gr. Desert rice - 1 L Oat Milk - ½ gr. Saffron - 10 dr. Bourbon Vanilla - 1 tablsp. sweetener (sugar, ahorne, honey,coconut blossom sugar, etc. Keep in mind that the type of sugar you add will not only affect the taste but also the color.) - 2 handfuls of raisins - ½ or 1 teasp. Very finely chopped ginger - Pinch of salt - Pinch of Cinnamon Bring this to the boil without a lid and let it cook for a while. Then put it on a lower heat and let it simmer for + - 40 min. After a while you can put the lid on the pot to cook. Stir regularly and if it gets too thick add some warm water.


    Making the ginger Bug to start off with: Take a glass jar (about 1l capaciteit) that can be kept in the kitchen. De ginger bug needs the organisms of your kitchen to feed itself, along with what you have to feed it with. Put in the jar: - 2 cups ( 500 ml ) filtered water - 2 tablsp. (22g) finely chopped or BIO grated ginger with the skin on - 2 tablsp. (28g) fine sugar - Stir well ! It is imported to use bio ginger. I have tried it about 5 times with other ginger and I could not build up the fizzes that mean your bug is fermenting. I did not know why... until I stumbled on a message that talked about the bio ginger... I switch again to bio and everything develops fine again! Close of the jar with some cheesecloth or very fine cloth so your bug can still breathe. This will become your mother Bug, take care of here! Daily feed (every 24 hours): - 2 tablsp. finely chopped or grated bio ginger - 2 tablsp. fine sugar - Stir well ! - You do this till you get nice fizzes, about 3 or 4 days. If this is your first ginger bug creation, it can take up to 2 weeks or more to get the fizzes. As you always keep working with the same mother ginger bug, it will onlt take 3 or 4 days. To make the beer: Cook for about 10 à 15 min - 2 ½ L of filtered water - 4 tablsp. of grated ginger – 1O tablespoons of sucker (But I take, 4 sucker, 4 coconut blossom sucker and add at the end when it is cooled down, maple syrup.) - Sometimes i put 2 sliced curcuma roots in this to... It's so much healthier, but it clearly affects the taste. It tastes better without to me. Let this cool down to room temperature. - Then add 4 tablsp. Maple syrup - 160 ml of your filtered ginger broth. That is about 10 à 11 tabl.sp - You can also add 2 lemons if you like. Bottling the brew: I wash my bottles with very hot water and a brush and then sterilise them in the pre-heated over of 160 degree for about 15 min. The lid and rubbers I sterilise for a few minutes in cooking water. I let everything cool down on a clean kitchen towel. But you have to use the bottles within one hour, or ells you have to sterilise them again. The ginger brew goes into flip bottles as you see on the photo. - Fill the bottle about 10 cm from the top, so the gas has room enough to build up. - You keep the bottles for about 3 till 5 day in your kitchen where they will ferment a second time. - You have to air the bottles twice a day to let out the fizz. - First day there will not be much fizz if any, but it will build up fast. - After 3 till 5 day put the bottles in de refrigerator and you don’t have to air them anymore. - They keep for about 1 month but have to stay in the refrigerator. I could setup a list to order the flip bottles together and if possible get a better price. I also could share a little of my mother bug if you would like to try it. Hoop you enjoy this wonderful and healthy drink! Your gut will any way! Xxx Debby

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  • Biocean Science | Video - Photography

    Energetica Natura Biocean Science & Nutrition: Since 1990, Biocean Science & Nutrition has combined science with tradition to offer its customers marine plasma of the highest possible quality. The principles used by Biocean Science & Nutrition come from the pioneers of naval plasma therapy: René Quinton, Jean Jarricot and André Passebec. The technology and knowledge of these pioneers was further refined using modern insights and processing technologies. This has ensured that it is marine plasma is both safe and of superior quality. Biocean® solutions are produced according to the principles laid down by René Quinton and in accordance with European and American pharmacopoeias and GMP. Own responsibility: ​ * Following up the information on my website is always at your own responsibility. If you are unsure about treatments, nutritional supplements, essential oils, diet or lifestyle tips, always consult your doctor first! Back

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    When you have become a member When you have become a member , you can share the link from my website on your website and social media to enjoy an additional one-time offer with an extra 5% discount on Sjankara and Energetica Natura orders. I will share your links too if you like! Mail me a screenshot with the shared link. Back

  • Own Responsibility | Video - Photography

    Own responsibility: * Following up the information on my website is always at your own responsibility. If you are unsure about treatments, nutritional supplements, essential oils, diet or lifestyle tips, always consult your doctor first! Back

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  • Video recording

    ENGLISCH: For video recording I use a Canon Legria HF G25 and a small brave Panasonic DMC-LX7 I also use the Panasonic for photo recording NEDERLANDS: Voor videowerk gebruik ik een Canon Legeria HF G25 en een kleine dappere Panasonic DMC-LX7 De Panasonic gebruik ik ook voor fotowerk.

  • Video Editing

    ENGLISCH: I use Premiere Pro 2018 for editing video’s. At hte moment, I need to find the very best way for burning video’s to DVD. I don't have a DVD burning program anymore. I know this is not done anymore, but as I can put a DVD insite my printer and print a photo or own design on it, I still think this is a very beautiful concept. NEDERLANDS : Ik gebruik Premiere Pro 2018 voor het bewerken van video's. Op dit moment moet ik de beste manier vinden om video's op dvd te branden. Ik heb geen dvd-brandprogramma meer. Ik weet dat dit niet meer wordt gedaan, maar omdat ik een dvd in mijn printer kan plaatsen en er een foto of eigen ontwerp op kan printen, vind ik dit nog steeds een heel mooi concept.

  • Computer and Mac issues

    ENGLISCH: The exchange between PC and Mac is not that smooth! My two cameras record in MTS files and the Mac can not read this ! I use Free MTS CONVERTER to convert the original files to MP4 if people just want the recordings and not a edited video. After being edited with Premiere Pro they are readable for Mac to ! NEDERLANDS : Het uitwisselen tussen Pc en Mac verloopt niet zo vlot ! Mijn beide camera’s nemen op in MTS bestanden en dat kan Mac niet lezen ! Ik gebruik Free MTS Converter om de originele bestanden om te zetten naar MP4 als ik er geen montage hoef van te maken. Nadat ze gemonteerd zijn met Premiere Pro zijn ze wel leesbaar voor Mac.

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