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Lets Leie
Lets strengthens social structures. Our association brings people, however different they are, together. Every member has something to offer and is appreciated for it. Letsleie has members in the South West Flanders region: Wevelgem, Zwevegem, Kortrijk, Aalbeke, Rollegem, Deerlijk, Waregem, Lendelede, Kuurne, Marke, ...

For some supply / demand you prefer to turn to a close neighbor, another times the service is worth the move. Some pleasures that would stay on you wish list could be possible via Lets, even if you are not financially well off. A party with service? It is possible if you are also willing to do something for others. LETS also contributes to a better living environment. Items are used together, find a new
owner instead of being thrown away and through repair many utensils become usable again.
In short, Lets is a simple way of increasing prosperity and welfare.
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