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Bio Energetic Massage with essential oils and soundhealing:
Bio Energetic massage is a therapeutic massage treatment
that is given entirely by hand and with Essential oils, in a discreet way. You are covered with a sheet and only the body parts that are treated are exposed.
Sound Healing is a tool that supports your treatment and makes it work even deeper and more powerful. Sound healing is only practiced with our own voice. Depending on what is needed, I use sound healing with my voice alone or we use sound healing with both of our voices. Don't worry, it's very easy and everyone can work with it. It is not singing, it is making certain sounds that have a powerful influence on certain parts of our body.
Depending on what is needed, I initiate or finish the treatment, with my ocean or sjamaan drum.
During a first appointment, a conversation always takes place first. If you wish, a conversation can also take place before the start of upfollowing treatments. Very little is spoken during the massage itself. When a massage treatment is completed, you should allow about 15 more minutes to relax, all by yourself and in silence, on the massage table.
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Massage is beneficial for both humans and animals! 
Massage has a preventive effect and relaxes. It stimulates blood circulation, metabolism, organ functions,
lymphatic system and nervous system, has a detoxifying effect, restores energy channels, ensures the supply of
oxygen to the lungs and organs and activates the body's self-regeneration capacity.
Massage can be used to relieve, heal or prevent a wide range of complaints from occurring.
Such as eg:
* Anxiety, stress and sadness
* Sleep problems and fatigue (physical and mental)
* Neck and back pain, muscle tension and joint pain
* Stomach and intestinal problems, high blood pressure and age ailments
* Cold hands and feet
* Lack of self confidence
* Concentration problems, headaches and psychological tension
* Burnout and depression
Massage is not allowed in the following contraindications:

* Fever
* General infectious diseases such as the flu
* Open wounds
* Infectious skin diseases
* Cancer patients
* Pregnancy: during the first 3 months 
Own responsibility:
* Following up the information on my website is always at your own responsibility. If you are unsure about   
   treatments, nutritional supplements, essential oils, diet or lifestyle tips,  always consult your doctor first!
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