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Natural Immunogenics Corporation
The story of Natural Immunogenics Corp. starts more than 40 years ago by accident. Stephen Quinto, founder of Natural Immunogenics Corp., installed a silver and copper generator in his pool to keep his pool free from algae and bacterial contamination, without using chlorine.
The system worked. Thirty years later, an old friend informed him of the power and effect of colloidal silver. This made Stephen realize that his pool, which had given him pleasure all these years, was filled with colloidal silver. Then he resumed the investigation of silver, which was interrupted about 60 years ago.
Under the leadership of Stephen L. Quinto, Natural-Immunogenics Corp. late 1999 Sovereign Silver ™ in the US market. Two years later, Argentyn 23®, based on the same technology with a higher concentration for therapeutic purposes, was added. Natural-Immunogenics Corp. has grown into a successful company that is the only company producing this unique nano-silver technology.
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