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Biocean Science & Nutrition:
Since 1990, Biocean Science & Nutrition has combined science with tradition to offer its customers marine plasma of the highest possible quality. The principles used by Biocean Science & Nutrition come from the pioneers of naval plasma therapy: René Quinton, Jean Jarricot and André Passebec. The technology and knowledge of these pioneers was further refined using modern insights and processing technologies. This has ensured that it is marine plasma is both safe and of superior quality. Biocean® solutions are produced according to the principles laid down by René Quinton and in accordance with European and American pharmacopoeias and GMP.
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Own responsibility:
* Following up the information on my website is always at your own responsibility. If you are unsure about   
   treatments, nutritional supplements, essential oils, diet or lifestyle tips,  always consult your doctor first!
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